In an Emergency

In case of emergency at any time always call
your normal surgery number.


Saltcoats 01294 462570
Largs 01475 673644
Dundonald 01563 852034
Lochwinnoch 01505 842971

If your local branch is open we will arrange to see your pet there. 

However, if your local branch is not open your call will be diverted to one of our other branches that is open at that time.

Remember, we are open 7 days a week for consultations.  

A vet is available in our Largs surgery on a Sunday between 9.30am and 4.00pm.

If your emergency occurs when all of our branches are closed then you will hear an answer phone message giving you the contact details of Vets Now.


Vets Now

Vets Now are situated in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire and work from the McKenzie Bryson and Marshall Veterinary Centre on Hill Street. (KA3 1HA)

If you do not have your own transport to get to Vets Now, Billy Bruce Pet Taxi Service is available 24/7 on 07946 174033.

Who Are Vets Now?

Vets Now are the leading provider of out-of-hours veterinary care in the UK.  Vets Now work alongside the Oaks to ensure you have access to a vet whenever you need one, regardless of time.  Their clinic is open when the Oaks is closed.

Why do you work with Vets Now?

By using the Vets Now service, we can begin each working day fully rested and ready to face the day’s challenges. Similarly during the night your pet will be seen by staff who only work out of hours and are therefore fresh and ready to offer the best possible care. And you can be rest assured that you can phone for a vet anytime without worrying about disturbing anybody.

Who works at Vets Now?

Fully qualified vets, nurses and receptionists are based in the clinic for the full duration of their shift.  All staff receive regular training with a particular emphasis on emergency and critical care of small animals.

Can I just phone for advice? And how much will that cost?

Vets Now staff can offer advice over the phone and although an appointment is always offered it is not always necessary. In fact only around a fifth of calls result in an appointment and telephone advice is provided free of charge.

If my pet needs to be treated, how do I pay?

As you would expect, staffing and equipping a dedicated emergency clinic is expensive. Please be advised their charges will be higher than for routine consultations and Vets Now will inform you of costs when you phone.

They are an independent company so you will be asked to pay at the time of treatment. Vets Now accept all major debit and credit cards or cash payments.

Are Vets Now fees covered by my pet insurance?

Vets Now fees should be covered in the same way as any other veterinary fees by your insurance company. If you are in any doubt, check the detail of your policy with your provider.

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Tel: 01475 673644
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