Reception Staff

Esmé Summers

“I started working at The Oaks in May of 2007.  I used to be based between Largs and Lochwinnoch but now a days I am more or less coving Lochwinnoch exclusively.”

Esme’s hobbies include playing the piano, going to the theatre, listening to classical music and walking her dog.

Furry Family        

Cara is a corgi cross rescue dog.  She is best friends with Jenny’s dogs Molly and Nell.  They go on many walks together in the course of a week at work.

Esme also has four cats who get along famously.  William, who is 16, Garfield and Fred, who are both 5 and 4 year old Sophie.   Sophie came through the Oaks as a part-feral cat that no-one could touch.  Now settled in her new home Esme’s husband can at least stroke her head. We never know what she might be like in a few years with time to get used to being handled.


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