Dr. Shona McLachlan


“I graduated from Glasgow University in 2003.  Having spent 2.5 years in small animal practice in Yorkshire and a further 6 years running a branch practice for a major hospital near Bradford, my husband, who’s a Veterinary nurse, and I decided it was time to move home north of the border in 2011. 

I started working for the Oaks in December of that year.  I spend the majority of my time working between the Saltcoats and Largs surgeries so you may not have had the chance to meet me if you’re a Dundonald or Lochwinnoch client.”

Veterinary Interests

Shona enjoys all aspects of general practice but has a particular love of veterinary dentistry.

With dental problems being so common in pets, it is incredibly rewarding for her to treat these problems and see the significant difference it can make to the life of both the pet and their owner.


Shona’s hobbies include computer gaming, reading, and all things of the sci-fi/fantasy genre.  She also enjoys crafts, knitting and needlework. 

Furry Family        

Caol-ila is a 7 year old Heinz-57 .  She was dumped at Shona’s husband’s work and then named after his favourite whisky.  She is a dog that sometimes thinks she is a cat, and failing that thinks she is a male dog. 

Tom was a Cats Protection foster who never left again.  Shona’s had him even longer than the above-mentioned husband!

Morag was an RSPCA cruelty case brought in to Shona’s old workplace with severe malnourishment.  She seems to be developmentally stuck at 6-9 months old even though she’s 6, barely speaks cat and wags her tail like a dog.

Incredibly neurotic 9 year old Poppy completes Shona’s trio of cats.

Wild rabbit, Stew was handed in to work as an orphaned kit.  Having been successfully hand reared he now lives in 5-star accommodation eating Tesco out of supplies of cabbage.

Spud was taken on as a companion for Stew after a colleague’s rabbit had an unexpected litter of baby bunnies – blame next door’s rabbit!

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